I’M GOING TO MTAC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

28 Feb

Be prepared to see the awesome, amazing, and wonderful Little Shop of Wonders at MTAC in Nashville at the end of March!

Here’s a little taste of what’ll be there!


water dragon collage

plushies collage


avatar bracelet




I’m still alive

20 Jan

…….I kinda forgot to post on here….for about a month. I’ll try harder!!!!


yeah..I’m gonna go get something to eat now. I’ll blog more later, once I figure out what to blog about


On all the days of Christmas that I’ve really sucked at posting

23 Dec

you met a an eevee but couldn’t decide whether to evolve her into an espeon, glaceon, jolteon, or flareon!

sorry guys, I know I haven’t post in awhile. Things have been busy and I’ve been with my boyfriend who I haven’t gotten to see since about a month ago and am trying to see him as often as possible before I go back to school in January. I’m going to a funeral down in Florida after Christmas and he’s out in Texas now – or at least he’s in the airport waiting to go.

As for the eeveelution hats there are the ones shown, but I need to restock eevee and umbreon. Plus add the red dot to espeon’s forehead (I didn’t forget, I just didn’t have red thread with me) and add jolteon’s face, because faces are good things to have.

Anyhow, Merry Christmas!


On the Fifth Day of Christmas

18 Dec

On the Fifth Day of Christmas

you tripped over Diglett and found out that it has feet


On the Third and Fourth Days of Christmas

17 Dec

On the Third and Fourth Days of Christmas

you ran into the squirtle squad and Misty got her hair painted purple!

sorry about the lateness, it’s just that time of year and things have been hectic. Plus I just got back to my parents’ house for Christmas yesterday.

On The Second Day of Christmas

15 Dec


I went to the store and got myself a ton of pokeballs!

This makes me happy like you have no idea. There are earrings to go with it, bracelets, everything!!! Imagine it, a pokeball bracelt with different kinds of pokeballs on it!

Anyhow, I’m headed home for Christmas tomorrow and just finished my last semester. I bombed this semester, but it was the first one and I’m back on track for the second one. I’m taking French and it’s every day in the morning so I’ll have a routine and everything will go well. I’m DETERMINED, I WILL go to class EVERY DAY!

Merry Early Christmas


On The First Day of Christmas!

14 Dec

On The First Day of Christmas!

my proffessor asked me if I was a girl or a boy then gav me a pikachu!

sorry it’s late, my sleep schedule got all kinds of screwy cause I couldn’t sleep last night and so now I just woke up.

12 days of pokemon

8 Dec

so, I still don’t have my computer back, but I will be starting the twelve days of pokemon soon! I’m so excited!!! That’s all guys, not much else going on. Just get in the Christmas spirit with some awesome pokemon

Not at all relevant to what I have been talking about

1 Dec

We went and sold successfully today (well yesterday now but whatever). They told us to come back during the week at lunch hours because everyone’s away for the game right now. Me being the oh so knowledgeable person when it comes to sports of course had no idea what game they were talking about and am still in the dark as to who we’re playing if it’s even Alabama that’s playing. That’s not what this post is about though! I’m pulling from my other sites because my computer is getting fixed and bring you the My Little Pony hats and two of my older hats.


Fluttershy (insert brony comment here)


the very poofy pinkie pie


it looks like her cheerios got messed up this morning


and now onto two firey cat themed hats that came straight from *drumroll* my mind!!!!


the adorable aww I’m so shy but cute kitty


and the ROAR I will stare at you intensely cat (and yes ladies and gentlemen, I am the awesome person rocking that hat)


Have a great and warm day. If you’re cold just order a hat, which you’ll see lots more of.

If you do want to order, e-mail me at mcgill.tori@gmail.com


30 Nov

My computer is currently dead and has to be taken to Best Buy to get fixed. That’ll probably take a few days so I won’t be able to post any new photos unless ones from my other sources are relevant. Sorry ><


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